Vavicci Terms & Conditions

It is far easier to make a leather sofa with your teeth, than it is to make terms and conditions interesting, let alone readable.  All we can do is try our very best to avoid too much legal jargon. At the very least, if you are struggling to sleep at night, you can print these off for some bedtime reading. A free and perfect cure for insomnia!

So here goes ………….

1 Getting in touch with us

1.1 Vavicci is the website name of the business owned, operated by and called Callum MacLure. Our offices are located at and we can be contacted at the following address:-

The Gate House
Stansted Road
Bishop’s Stortford
CM23 5PT

1.2 If you have any questions then please follow this contact link and complete the online from. If you wish to speak to a member of our team, then please leave a contact telephone number and we will call you back. Normally the same day. We are available 7 days a week, but please let us know if you would rather not be contacted at weekends.

1.3 We are an online business and do not have any shops, so we try to keep our costs as low as we possibly can. This means we can pass on the cost savings to you which can result in price saving on our products of up to 50% when compared with similar high quality products you can find elsewhere. This means that we do not operate a call centre, but we believe we can offer a much more personal service as a result of the way we are structured.

1.4 All intellectual property rights and copyright for anything displayed on the website is owned by Callum MacLure. So please don’t use any of our content without asking our permission.

2 Orders – Agreeing and confirming your order

2.1 When you have placed an order on our website, we will then get in touch with you by telephone or email you to confirm all the details of your order with you. This is a good opportunity to answer any questions you may have and we will confirm colours and all specifications at this point. We will also explain the delivery process to you. Please follow this delivery link for more details on our delivery service and processes.

2.2 It should be noted that it is entirely at our discretion to accept or decline an order and this will always be subject to the availability item. We would also emphasise that our confirmation and acceptance of an order be that via our website, email or by any other means, is not a guarantee of delivery. If we are unable for any reason to deliver the ordered items, we will communicate this to you as soon as possible and a full refund will be made.

2.3 When we have confirmed and accepted an order with you, we will email you all the order details and ask you to reply and confirm your acceptance of and agreement to these details.

2.4 At this point the order forms part of a legally binding contract with you which cannot be canceled without a charge being payable (please see “Canceling your order” below). From this time onwards, the suitability of the item is now your full responsibility.

2.5 At any time you can log into your account at to see the details of your order. You can also contacting us using this link to our contact form.

3 Orders – Paying for your order

3.1 The payment methods we accept may change from time to time. We currently accept payment using the 2checkout gateway, which also gives the option to pay via PayPal. The financial security of our customers online is of primary importance to us. Our current payment methods provides you with the necessary security and peace of mind.

3.2 We recommend that if you do not have an account with 2checkout or PayPal then you create one. This prevents any restrictions or limits that may be set for one off payments. We accept all major payment methods including MasterCard, Visa and American Express.

3.3 Full payment is required when an order is agreed and confirmed. This is to cover the financial commitments we make to materials and labour costs. You may cancel your order within 48 hours of its acceptance and confirmation by us (see “Cancelling your order” below). In such instances, a full refund will be paid to you.

3.4 We do not charge separately for delivery. All prices are in UK Pounds Sterling and include VAT where applicable at the current rate.

3.5 Until full payment has been received and delivery completed, items remain at all times the property of Vavicci.

3.6 Currently we do not offer any finance agreements.

4 Orders – Change requests prior to delivery

4.1 If within 48 hours of an order being accepted and confirmed, you realise a mistake has been made, or you decide you want to change any details (for example colour), then you can do so without incurring any additional charges. These amendments must be received in writing within this 48 hour time frame. We do not start manufacturing your item within this 48 hour period.

4.2 Amendments to orders requested after this period will be subject to a 20% charge being added to the price of the item. This covers any additional costs incurred (e.g. wasted materials and additional labour) as a result of making these alterations. If no additional costs are incurred then no additional charges will be payable. We will always endeavor to avoid the need to make such charges.

5 Orders – Online mistakes and omissions

5.1 We take great care to ensure that all the content displayed on our website is accurate. This includes pricing, descriptions and detailed specifications. But mistakes can happen.

5.2 If we discover a material error in any of the website content which impacts your order we will inform you as soon as possible. You will then have the choice to proceed with the order, subject to any price adjustments – or cancel the order and be given a full refund.

6 Orders – Cancelling your order

6.1 We appreciate that there can be circumstances where you want to cancel your order. We will do everything we can to find a solution and accommodate a cancellation request. This could include an alternative product.

6.2 If an acceptable solution cannot be found, we reserve the right to refuse cancellation. In these circumstances 25% of the sale price plus any other costs we incur will be charged. Other costs might include delivery and storage costs.

6.3 These charges would not apply within the initial 48 hour time period referred to in “Orders – Change requests prior to delivery” above.

Orders of made-to-order custom goods cannot be returned or cancelled.
Ex-display and clearance items are sold as seen and cannot be returned for any reason.


Thank you for taking the time to read our terms and conditions