Terms & Conditions

1. Our Contact Details

1.1 Due to the unique structure of our business, we strive to maintain our overheads at the lowest possible level. This approach allows us to pass on these savings to our customers, which in turn means our prices can be up to 50% lower than products of a similar high quality that can be purchased elsewhere. We therefore do not operate a call centre.

1.2 For all enquiries, please follow this link to Contact VAVICCI Customer Service and use the online form if you need anything clarified or have any questions. If you would like to speak to a member of our specialist team to discuss your requirement, then please leave a contact telephone number and we will call you back.

1.3 Our physical trading address is:

71 Shelton Street
Covent Garden

1.4 vavicci.com is both operated and owned by VAVICCI. The copyright and intellectual property rights for all content displayed on vavicci.com belongs solely to VAVICCI.

2. Orders – General

2.1 Once you have place your order, we will contact you by email or telephone to ensure that all your requirements are being met. We will also answer any questions you may have and to explain the delivery process (see “Delivery” sections below).

2.2 This process will include making sure all the details and chosen colours have been verified with you. You will then be asked to confirm your order. When confirming your order, you agreeing that the order and all its details are correct. We will then explain the delivery tracking process and when this will be available to view online.

2.3 Orders of made-to-order custom goods cannot be returned or cancelled.

3. Orders – Errors & Mistakes

3.1 We make every possible effort to ensure that the information displayed on our website, including the descriptions and the price of products is accurate at all times.

3.2 In circumstances where we find a material error in descriptions or pricing, we will contact you about this as soon as possible. In these cases, you will be given the option to continue with your order, subject to the revised price and or its description – or cancel the order and receive a full refund of any payments that have been made.

4. Orders – Changes Pre-Delivery

4.1 If after making an order, you decide you have made a mistake, or you wish to change any specifications, colours or any other part of your order, then you can do so at no charge if. All such change requests must be received in writing within 48 hours of receiving our acceptance of your order. The manufacturing process will not commence until the 48 hour period has expired.

4.2 Any changes requested out-with the 48 hour period will be subject to a 25% charge for each item you would like to be amended. This charge covers any financial loss incurred by VAVICCI as a result of having to implement these changes. If no we incur no financial loss as a result of changes requested out-with the initial 48 hour period, then no additional charges will be payable.

4.3 Please see “Cancellation” below for further information on cancellation charges.

5. Orders – Acceptance and confirmation

5.1 Once an order has been placed our agreement with you is only concluded when we have accepted your order by sending you a confirmation form. It is entirely at our discretion to accept or decline your order.  

5.2 Our acceptance of an order is at all times subject to the availability of the product. Our acceptance and confirmation of an order by any means, including via eMail or web or is not a guarantee of delivery. If for any reason we are unable to deliver the products you have placed an order for, we will inform you as soon as possible and a full refund will be given.

5.3 Once we have agreed and confirmed your order, it forms part of a legally binding contract that cannot be cancelled without a charge being occurred (see “Cancelation” below). From this point onwards, the suitability of the ordered product becomes your full responsibility.

5.4 You can view all the details of your order by logging into your account at vavicci.com or by contacting our Customer Service Team using our contact form.

6. Payment

6.1 The online security of our customers is of paramount importance to us. With this in mind, we currently accept payment via PayPal. This provides you with the necessary security and peace of mind.

6.2 If you do not have an account with PayPal, you can create one or make a one-off payment with PayPal without the need to register with them. PayPal facilitates the secure use of all major payment methods including Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

6.3 Due to financial commitments made to labour and materials, we require that full payment is made and cleared funds received at the time of purchase and an order is placed. This is fully refundable if you change your mind and choose to cancel your order within 48 hours following our acceptance and confirmation of your order. We do not currently offer any finance agreements.

6.4 Products are at all times the property of VAVICCI until both delivery has been made and full payment has been received.

6.5 There is no separate charge for delivery and all quoted prices are in UK Pounds Sterling and include VAT at the appropriate rate where applicable.

7. Delivery – General

7.1 In order to provide highest quality delivery service for our customers, we have partnered with the logistics company Home & Retail. They have 20 years’ experience of specialist furniture delivery. From the moment your furniture leaves our workshops in Italy, it is handled with the same expert care and attention to detail that went into designing and creating your product.

7.2 The furniture will be delivered in pristine factory condition, placed in a room of your choice, unwrapped and presented to you before finally removing all packaging from your home.  We can also provide a service to remove and dispose of your existing furniture if required. Details and costs associated with this service can be provided upon request.

7.3 We will deliver your order to the delivery address you supplied when you placed your order. The delivery address must be in the UK (i.e. has a Royal Mail postcode). We require a signature on delivery of the goods to you. A signature may be obtained from any person at the agreed delivery address. Receipt of a signature at the delivery address will be proof that the order has been delivered to you.

7.4 We shall endeavour to deliver the Goods you have ordered within 8 weeks of us accepting your order. If there are any delays we will notify you of such delay as soon as possible.

7.5 Once your order has been delivered, a member of our customer care team will contact you, usually by telephone to ensure you totally satisfied with your product and the service you have received.

7.6 We aim to deliver the products you have ordered within 8 weeks giving you an order confirmation. Sometimes, usually for reasons beyond our control, the delivery of your order can be delayed. In the unlikely event that this happens, we will provide a revised estimated delivery time together with regular updates.

7.7 If delivery is delayed or forecast to be delayed for a prolonged period, we will offer the option of re-selection to an alternative product.

7.8 The time of delivery is not the primary substance of these terms and conditions. We will not be liable for any financial loss or damage suffered by you through any reasonable delays, delays as a result of reasonable rescheduling of delivery or delays caused by any unforeseen circumstances outside the reasonable control of VAVICCI. We will also accept no liability resulting from indirect or direct loss of profits to you.

8. Delivery – Early Availability

8.1 All our orders are usually fulfilled within eight weeks from acceptance of your order. Sometimes your product will be available sooner than this, and in such circumstances, we will contact you to see if we can reschedule the agreed delivery date to an earlier time.

9. Delivery – Damaged Goods

9.1 Our delivery teams are extensively trained, experienced and equipped. They will exercise all reasonable care in achieving an incident-free installation without causing any damage to either your product or your home. Experience tells us that this is the case in almost every installation.

9.2 The delivery of large and irregularly shaped furniture items to differing homes and access routes inevitably carries with it some risks. Access can often be restricted by narrow corridors, doorways and other unforeseen obstacles. When accepting our installation service, it is important that you understand these risks and it is your responsibility that the route to your chosen destination allows easy and obstacle-free access.

9.3 All our products are fully carefully encased in robust and highly protective packaging. The reality is that the greatest risk of damage occurs during the installation in your home. When unpacked it is important you thoroughly inspect your product and report any damage to the delivery team prior to their departure. They will take photos of the areas in question and report the issue to us. In addition, you can also contact our customer service team and report the issue. We also recommend that you take photos of any damaged areas.

9.4 Once the issue has been reported to us, we will contact you to arrange a visit by one of our highly skilled and experienced technicians. Minor damage is very easily repaired and due to way our high quality products are constructed, and if required, any replacement parts that perfectly match the product will be fitted in your home.

9.5 We understand you may be disappointed if your item is found to be damaged following installation.  However these are most likely to be minor or superficial in nature and can be easily repaired as outlined above.

9.6 Given the length of time involved in providing a replacement, the quickest and most effective solution that keeps the inconvenience caused to you to an absolute minimum, is for a technician to carry out such repairs in your own home.  

9.7 In such instances we ask for your understanding rather than insist on a replacement. In any event, you have our assurance that your product will be fully restored to pristine condition. If this is not the case, your item will be replaced.

9.8 VAVICCI accept no liability for any damage to property or persons during delivery or installation.

10. Delivery – Not Present to Accept Product

10.1 Once you have placed your order and it has been accept and confirmed, we will contact you to agree a delivery date. If you need to change the agreed delivery date, please contact our customer services team and where possible we will endeavour to meet all reasonable requests.

10.2 In these circumstances, we reserve the right to use the agreed delivery date as the starting point for charging you for the additional storage charges we will inevitably incur (as outlined below).

10.3 If you are unable to accept delivery on the agreed date, we will cover the cost of storage up to a maximum period of 7 days. If a revised delivery date is not agreed and delivery taken place prior to the expiration of this 7 day period, you will be liable for and charged for storage beyond this 7 day period. Storage charges are calculated on the same daily basis as we are charged for storing furniture.

10.4 All storage charges must be paid in advance of a rescheduled delivery taking place.

10.5 If delivery has not been scheduled to take within a 30 day period following the original agreed delivery date, or the relevant storage charges have not been paid, we reserve the right to apply the rules that apply under “Cancellation” (see below). Such action will be as a final resort and we will of course endeavour to communicate with you, resolve and accommodate all reasonable requests for extended storage.

10.6 Where storage is required for an extended period, we recommend you consider alternative self-storage services, as these may be more cost effective. We can arrange delivery to such an alternative location, if required. 

11. Delivery – Restricted Access and Item won’t fit

11.1 Our products inevitably come in many different shapes and sizes. And we understand that corridors, doors and other access routes similarly come in many shapes and sizes.   

11.2 It is ultimately your responsibility to check that the product will be able to be delivered into your home and in the space where you would like it to be placed. It is therefore important when you place an order that you check all the dimensions on the data sheet associated with each product on our website. You must ensure that there is reasonable and access from the public highway and that any necessary parking permits are provided. We cannot accept any liability for any parking or other fines we receive and these will be re-charged to you. We will discuss these details with you prior to our acceptance of your order.

11.3 One benefit is that many of our products are modular. This means they will be delivered to you in separate parts and assembled once inside your home. From experience such products are far less likely to cause complications during the delivery process. We will highlight and discuss this with you prior to finalising and accepting your order.

11.4 On the rare occasion when it is simply not possible to deliver your item, we will always endeavour to resolve the situation. This may include exchanging your product with one that can be more easily installed. If such a solution can be found, there will be a charge (including storage) for this and we will discuss and agree this cost with you.

11.5 The circumstances will be different in all such instances, and it will be entirely at the discretion of VAVICCI whether we decide to find an alternative solution or apply the rules under “Cancellation” (see below). Our preference is always to find an alternative solution.

12. Delivery – products deemed unsuitable

12.1 We make every effort at the point of discussing, agreeing and accepting your order to avoid a scenario that you decide that the product is unsuitable for your requirements.

12.2 Due to the financial commitments we make immediately following the acceptance of your order, the suitability of your product is your responsibility from the point we accept your order (subject to section 4 above).

12.3 If at any reason and at any point following the acceptance of your order, you decide that the item you have ordered is unsuitable then we reserve the right to apply the rules under “Cancellation” (below).

12.4 Where products are purchased online on the web or by telephone and they have not been inspected prior to an order being accepted, then they are subject to distance selling regulations (see “distance selling regulations” below).

13. Specifications, Descriptions and Dimensions

13.1 We are always developing and changing our product range which in turn means the product specifications listed are continuously changing. Whilst our products remain largely the same as a displayed sample, they may not be identical. In relation to future sales, we reserve the right to change such specifications without any prior notice.

13.2 Productssupplied to you may differ slightly from items displayed or advertised and unless agreed with you in advance the products supplied to you will be of the same appearance, functionality, quality and value. Any significant variation will be highlighted and discussed with you prior to delivery.

13.3 All our leather products are constructed using the finest quality natural leather. This means that they may have natural scars or markings. They may also not be uniform in texture and colour, but our natural leathers will age beautifully with use and the passage of time.

13.4 We always try as accurately as possible to replicate the texture and colour of the upholstery of the samples on display. All upholstery will fade to some degree over time, particularly as a result of exposure to heat and sunlight.

13.5 We take great care when measuring the dimensions of all our products to ensure they are as accurate as possible. They are however approximate and variations can occur.

13.6 In some cases, self-assembly may be required on certain products (e.g. modular items). This will be dealt with in most cases during and delivery and installation.

14. Customer Service & After Care

14.1 If you need to discuss any aspect of your product with our customer service team, including orders, delivery and aftercare, we are here to help. Please refer to “Our Contact Details” above.

14.2 Our customer service does not stop the moment you have your furniture installed, we are always here for you.  In order to deliver the highest possible standards of customer service, we have partnered with Ecomaster who have 15 years’ nationwide experience of successfully completing all aspects of high quality furniture repair. Highly trained and skilled technicians have served full apprenticeships and will normally complete the necessary repairs in one visit.

14.3 Friendly and efficient call handlers work closely with the technicians and can offer flexible appointment times with early morning and weekend appointments available.

15. Warranty – 10 Year Frame

15.1 All our upholstered products have a 10 year frame only guarantee which covers both faulty workmanship and materials, manufacturing defects and failures in the frame construction. This warranty only covers the frame and does not cover padding, fillings and coverings.

15.2 All repairs under warranty will be undertaken by Ecomaster (see “Customer Service” above).

15.3 All our warranties are applicable to use in normal domestic, non-commercial circumstances.

15.4 Our warranties do not cover the following:-

–   Damage caused by fair wear and tear, abuse, misuse or neglect of the product

–   Deliberate or accidental damage

–   Loss or damage due to, sunlight, smoke, lightening, fire, heat, explosion or weather

–   Infestation by boring insects and other animals,

–   Rusting and corrosion caused by excessive exposure to water

–   Damage to leather or fabrics caused by chemicals or bodily fluids

–   Accidental damage, loss or theft caused by a third party.

15.5 Our warranties are non-transferrable when you sell or donate your product to another third party.

15.6 We will always attempt to repair the defective goods free of charge under the warranty. Where repair is simply not possible we will offer a replacement product and only when such a replacement cannot be provided, will a refund be offered.

15.7 All our warranties and guarantees apply only to products sold, delivered to and retained in the United Kingdom (including Northern Ireland), and used solely for private and domestic purposes.

16. Accidental Damage

16.1 Accidents do happen and where damage is not covered under warranty, we are still here to help. If your furniture is damaged and needs to be repaired, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

16.2 We will review your needs, organise a highly competitive quote and if required, a visit from a highly skilled Ecomaster (see above) upholstery technician.

16.3 The high quality construction of our products is such that you will likely be surprised what can be completely repaired or restored with new parts being fitted where necessary.

16.4 Repairs that can be undertaken includes those to rips, tears, pet damage, scuffs, scrapes splits, foam padding, , burns, frame damage (including beds), recliner mechanisms,  stitching and colour loss. If something cannot be repaired, the technician will offer the best alternative solution.

17. Online Web orders and Distance selling regulations

17.1 Distance selling regulations apply where a product has not been inspected prior to placing and an order and being accepted. This includes orders placed online on the web and by email or telephone.

17.2 Orders that are considered to fall under these regulations are subject to a 14 day right to either return or exchange the item.  Any such request must be made in writing in the period following delivery of the product. 

17.3 The 14 day timeframe is designed to take account of the fact that you have not had the chance to see the product prior to purchasing it and to allow you to fully inspect the goods.

17.4 During this time it will be your full responsibility to maintain and protect it and ensure it remains in “as new” condition. To minimise the risk of damage, we recommend the furniture is kept and returned in the appropriate packaging. Failure to return furniture in perfect condition can result in additional charges. 

17.5 The return of products to us is solely your responsibility. We understand that you may not have access to an appropriate logistics company or the specialist vehicle and teams they can provide.  We can make this service available to you for a charge of up to 15% of the value of each item returned. There will also be a charge for damage to or deterioration of the products condition.

17.6 In the event you feel that you would like to return or exchange your product, then please contact us in writing in the first instance, as outlined above.

18. Cancellation

18.1 We understand that customers may want to cancel an order due to a variety of reasons, unforeseen or otherwise. We will always endeavour to find a solution, be that an alternative product, an alternative payment method or some other option.

18.2 Where an alternative solution cannot be found, with the exception of orders cancelled within the 48 hour “cooling off” period (see “Orders – Errors & Mistakes” above), we do reserve the right to refuse cancellation of an order. In such cases, this will result in a 25% charge based on the order value, plus all costs associated delivery and redelivery. 

18.3 Different rules will apply in situations when an order is cancelled under the distance selling regulation (see above).

18.4 Orders of made-to-order custom goods cannot be returned or cancelled.
Ex-display and clearance items are sold as seen and cannot be returned for any reason.

19. Financial Loss

19.1 We will not be liablefor any financial loss or damage (including indirect or direct loss of profits) resulting from wrongly delivered, damaged or defective products in excess of the value of the products themselves. Your statutory rights are not affected.

19.2 Warranties and guarantees are limited to products sold and retained in the United Kingdom (including Northern Ireland), and used restricted solely to private and domestic purposes.

19.3 As stated under “Delivery – General” above, we will not be liable for any financial loss or damage (including indirect or direct loss of profits) suffered by you through any reasonable delay, delay as a result of reasonable rescheduling of delivery or delay caused by any unforeseen circumstances outside the reasonable control of VAVICCI.

19.4 Such delays include those caused by manufacturing delays, shipping delays, and customs clearance. If your delivery is time-sensitive, please discuss this with a member of our customer service team during the process of agreeing your order.

19.5 VAVICCI accept no liability for any damage to property or persons during delivery or installation.

20. Applicable Law

These Terms and Conditions of Trading are governed by and are to be construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page, we know it can be really tedious and we really appreciate you taking the time to do this!