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Business can be hard work, but most importantly it should be fun. We take our relationship with customers and suppliers very seriously ? but we don?t take ourselves too seriously. If you meet or speak to us, you?ll understand why. So throughout our site, you may see some (poor) attempts at humour being used. This in no way detracts from the importance we place on the interactions we have with everybody both outside and within our business. There is absolutely no reason furniture, like life and business shouldn?t be fun!

Our business is based inleather_colour_options_photo-2 the UK and we work in direct partnership with British, Italian and other global manufacturers of high quality leather and fabric furniture and accessories.

Premium Products

VAVICCI products are created using only premium quality materials including leathers, woods, metals, cushions and other paddings. Our furniture can often be unusual. We believe this is a good thing as it can also mean it can be both striking, aspirational and very memorable. The build quality and final finish of every piece of furniture is constantly monitored and tested during the manufacturing process ? prior to final quality control inspection and approval ? and dispatch direct to our customers.

Be Unique

All our furniture is made to order for you and you alone ? and to your exacting requirements.

The premium leathers we select are at least 100% genuine leather, if that?s possible. Every hide used to create your product has its own unique characteristics. This may include insect bites and other natural scars, but under no circumstances, bullet holes. Put simply, no two pieces of furniture will ever be the same.

Most of the leathers we use are not ?painted? to give a more uniform appearance. This approach can lead to cracks appearing in the leather over time as the painted surface wears away. Just like the leather seats in your Grandad?s old Rover. Whenever we refer to ?aniline? leather within our website, we mean that the leather is not ?painted?, but dyed, specially treated and protected resulting in a completely natural look and feel, which will age wonderfully with daily use and the passage of time.

Just like a classic (unlike humans), rather than being replaced with a newer model, your furniture can be cared for and restored to pristine condition throughout its life (see Service and after care below).

Sharing the savings

All our furniture is delivered directly from the manufacturer to our your front door. Or back or side door if you prefer. There is no wholesaler, agent, or any third or indeed fourth party involved in the process. We also do not have the expense of retail shops. This business structure allows us to keep our costs at the lowest possible levels. But wherever possible, above sea level.

This means we are able to pass on these cost savings to you, which in turn means our prices can be up to 50% lower than similar items of furniture that can be found elsewhere on this or any other (known) planet.

Sticking to what we do best

Our primary focus and expertise lies in sourcing furniture of the highest quality and durability from around the globe ? and building strong, lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with every supplier we deal with. We continually strive to deliver excellence to our customers in every area of our business and to ensure we achieve this, we partner with market-leading providers of all services that lie out-with our core areas of expertise and competence.

Partners that fall into this category (without hurting themselves, hopefully) include Home & Retail, a leading European-wide logistics business with over 20 years? experience of furniture delivery. They specialise solely in what is known as ?white glove? (sometimes they are blue) furniture. This service is available 7 days a week ? and Ecomaster who have some 15 years? nationwide experience of carrying out all aspects of high quality furniture care, repair and restoration.

Service and after care

All businesses will of course say that their amazing customer service is what separates them from the competition ? and of course we are no different from this. We do however pride ourselves in going above and beyond what our customers rightly expect. Our commitment to you does not end the millisecond your furniture has been successfully delivered and installed in your home.

All repairs covered by our 10 year frame warranty will of course be carried out quickly, expertly and at a time convenient to you. But our commitment and service to you does not end there. Accidents can always happen and we will always be there to assist you. Should your furniture be damaged and a repair is needed, we can get you a very competitive quote and if you decide to proceed, we will organise a visit from a highly experienced, trained and skilled upholstery technician.

Repair don?t replace

The high build quality and construction of our furniture means that you may well be surprised what can be economically achieved in terms of parts replacement, repair and complete restoration. In most cases his can usually be done at a fraction of the cost of a replacement product. We would naturally love to sell you a new item, but we always prefer to, and wherever possible, recommend the repair rather than replace option to all our customers.

Just like getting your car serviced, we can organise periodic ?service? for your furniture. Our experienced technicians can restore your furniture to pristine condition from the inevitable wear and tear resulting from every day use.

Put simply, no matter what happens, we will always here (and there) for you.

Thank you if you have been able to read this far ? even if you understandably fell asleep half way through!

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